• Frugality is Freedom

    Choosing a frugal lifestyle can sometimes mean changing a lot about the way you live. It could mean cost-cutting on things that you love like dining in expensive restaurants and maybe even traveling. However, frugality shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your freedom, it is rather the key to your independence. Learning how to budget your daily expenses could be hard.
  • How to Avoid Missed Opportunities

    We’ve all heard that old adage that says life is short. You only live once. Time is precious. And all sorts of things that drives us to start taking action and avoid wasting time. But all of these things are true. We only have one shot at life, all we have to do is take it and do our best.
  • Five Steps to Overcome Procrastination

    It’s the day before the weekend and the clock is ticking. You’re rushing furiously to complete your last task before the deadline while cursing yourself for not starting the project sooner.

    Sounds familiar, right? Well then, folks, you’re not alone!

  • Top Three Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated As An Entrepreneur

    Keeping ourselves motivated is not always easy.

    After all, who wouldn’t want to stay in bed all day? Or maybe to just hang out with friends over drinks? We all wanted to feel at ease in our comfort zones. But whether we want it or not, we have to get up and continue working on our daily tasks. And there’s no better way to succeed on this than to stay motivated.

  • Welcome to Thailand

    Ever felt like you've entered a time machine?   You know, where you wake up thinking it's Wednesday but it's already Friday?   The overwhelm...
  • Switch From Mad To Nomad

    Taking the big plunge from your conventional nine-to-five to living a nomadic lifestyle takes more than just a decision... You must be committed to making it work, willing to drop everything else and immerse yourself in it entirely.
  • The Little Things...

    "It’s the little things in life."

    We’ve all heard this saying a million times over... but I swear we never learn.

    History has proven this, philosophers and kings can attest to this. It’s the things money can’t buy that actually make you happy. But rarely do we heed to this advice, we treat it like it’s a “good idea” and nothing more.

    So we go on our way, merrily chasing the big things; wealth, esteem, power, houses & cars. What about the Mundane and Ordinary things of everyday life? (Trust me, this won’t be a philosophical rant. I’ve got a point.)

  • The 3 Diseases of Failure and How to Overcome Them

    Regardless of their definition of failure, there’s no doubt everyone has failed at some point in their life. Failure is a part of life to help us be better and wiser. In this video, let’s talk about the three diseases of failure and how to overcome them.

  • When Was The LAST Time You Did Something For The FIRST Time?

    People have always had an innate fear of the unknown, which is perfectly fine it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Thanks to our ancestors (the early man) all of us have it, even the thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies, it’s just that each person deals with it differently...