Switch From Mad To Nomad

Taking the big plunge from your conventional nine-to-five to living a nomadic lifestyle takes more than just a decision... You must be committed to making it work, willing to drop everything else and immerse yourself in it entirely.

One lazy Sunday I spent watching my favorite movies left me asking myself...

What creates a good story?

Vivid Images and scenes?

Lively characters?

Mean villains and ruthless plots?

Maybe a bit of mystery or suspense?

Whatever the case. Some of the best stories through history have the same genetic makeup.


There’s a proven formula to write a story, fictional book or a movie script that will sell.

It’s the same concept of don’t just try and be creative for the sake of being creative or making something new.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Follow the proven methods and principles; it will save you time and heartache.

So let’s talk about one of the major themes that pop up again and again in stories.

The Rags to Riches Story. The story of a Nobody who becomes a somebody. The loser turned Super!

Stories of trial & struggle turned into triumph. 

Why can these types of stories be told repeatedly and never stop captivating audiences around the world?

It’s relatable. Most people have been broken or have experienced hardship. Most can actually feel the emotions of the characters in the stories.

But most important, these stories provide hope for the young struggler.

They provide insight and renew the viewer’s strength to keep on fighting and persisting.

So the question has to be asked: What actually happens when you take a beggar and turn them into a prince?

Ever see what happens to broke people who win the lotto?

According to multiple studies, about 70% of all lottery winners end up going broke or filing for bankruptcy.

How in the world do you burn through that much money?

You can take the boy out of the streets but you can’t take the streets out of the boy.

One story told of a wealthier family that adopted a 14-year-old boy who’d grown up with an abusive pair of drug-addicted parents.

Finally, when he “had it all” he still displayed signs of lack.

When everyone else was eating, he would fill his plate after every few bites of his own food just to make sure his plate was always full.

He would take and stow away food in a napkin for later.

Did he not know he would never go hungry again? He simply had to go to the pantry to get more food anytime he pleased.

During Christmas, he wouldn’t let anyone touch his gifts for fear of losing them because his parents always sold his things for more drugs.

A beggar turned prince.

The story goes on and the boy finally leaves all of his old mental habits behind and normalizes himself to the family and knowing no lack.

He graduates college and makes something of himself.

My question to you is how often do we see this among online business owners?

In one month they make more money than they ever have before but continue going on living like they always have and end up losing it all.

Jim Rohn once shared, “If someone hands you a million dollars, It’s best you become a millionaire quickly so you get to keep the money or surely it will all disappear.”

When you take a beggar and make a prince of them it's best that they leave the beggar behind and become the prince.

Re-read that. Let it sink in. Understand that no success will last unless you train yourself to leave old mental habits behind and develop new ones.

Are you ready to make something of yourself?

Still feel like you need a bit of help on your journey?


Also for those who decide to take action on the other side, we will be posting lessons to help you make that mental shift to becoming a digital nomad.

I sincerely promise to work my best to take the beggar in you and turn him/her into digital royalty.

But it’s important to have the right tools and thinking. I believe we have the right stuff for you. Check it out.

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