Welcome to Thailand

Ever felt like you've entered a time machine?
You know, where you wake up thinking it's Wednesday but it's already Friday?
The overwhelming joy that accompanies it is always a feeling that will put a smile on your face!
However, in this case I'm just wishing time would slow down...
It's already been a week since I left to travel and explore Thailand and it's hard to believe!
However, in a weird way I've crammed so many experience into just 7 days that time has seemed to slow down because traveling allows you to truly live in the moment.
When you're living moment to moment you learn to appreciate what you have, who you love and what you miss. It's a great perspective check and that is why I'm so passionate about sharing my journey.
My hope is to inspire you to do something different, make a chance so that you can ultimately live out your dreams rather than settle for mediocrity... there are already too many people doing that.
So today I'm just dropping you a quick note to remind you that there is more out there...

More to experience, more amazing people to meet, more interesting & beautiful cultures to experience.
but even more than that...
More Life to be Lived.
Till next time my friend.

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