The Little Things...

"It’s the little things in life."

We’ve all heard this saying a million times over... but I swear we never learn.

History has proven this, philosophers and kings can attest to this. It’s the things money can’t buy that actually make you happy. But rarely do we heed to this advice, we treat it like it’s a “good idea” and nothing more.

So we go on our way, merrily chasing the big things; wealth, esteem, power, houses & cars. What about the Mundane and Ordinary things of everyday life? (Trust me, this won’t be a philosophical rant. I’ve got a point.)

When was the last time we appreciated?

That cup of coffee or tea in the morning, blood pumping through your body and air in your lungs, that comfortable couch you sit in after a hard day’s work. Ever try going a day without your thumbs?  A device in your pocket that can access any piece of information in the world in seconds.

How important are the small things?

It’s not until you have one small wound on your hand or foot and bump that freaking thing against everything in your house that you realize how important the ‘small things’ are small things matter.

One kid, who broke his arm, had a cast on for weeks & could not appreciate the small thing of scratching his itch. At one point, the kid shoved a pen up the cast to relieve the itch and as he pulled the pen out, the cap was stuck up there. He could not get the pen cap out and instead up telling anyone, he just left it in there. For weeks it stayed. When the time came to get the cast removed, they found the pen cap under the cast and a gnarly little infection. Poor little guy... all he wanted to do was scratch the itch.

What if your business created an itch that absolutely needed to be scratched?

An itch is a little deal that if not scratched in a timely manner can turn into a burning, festering, snarling issue. What’s the solution to an itch? Scratch. SCRATCH. Scratch it NOW!

So your prospects or market already have an itch and your product is the solution.

If they don’t have an itch now, they will have one eventually and you’ll have the solution ready.


In the link above, I’ll teach you everything from getting your niche product/service line in front of people who are looking for your solution as well as Paid Traffic, Marketing Automation and everything in between.

All completely free inside my private Digital Nomad Community on Facebook.

But what if the prospects itch isn’t bad enough? Can you tickle it and make that itch a bit more unbearable? Can you turn a mild itch into an itch that sears so bad with every second that it gnaws at their thoughts until they scratch it?

P.S. Stay tuned for in the near future, I’m going to share with you how to Intensify an Itch and I’ll give you examples of extremely successful marketing campaigns as well. In the meantime, click on the link above and I’ll see you on the other side.

Drew Taylor

Digital Nomad University

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