• ClickFunnels | How to Build a Bridge Page

    In my previous blog, I talked about how to create a Sales page and a Capture page on Clickfunnels and how these pages could help you grow your market. Now in this video, I’ll be discussing the Bridge Page or the Thank You page.
  • ClickFunnels | How to Build a Capture Page

    Building an email list for your target market is one of the necessities that an entrepreneur should focus on to generate leads for a business. And when this list is made available, you can start capturing leads through a capture page.
  • ClickFunnels | How to Build a Sales Page

    As entrepreneurs, we all want our products and services to be noticed. But selling these products and promoting your own business is not an easy task. Sometimes, it may seem like marketing a business online is a tedious task but there are ways and tools that can help you grow your market.
  • Soap Opera Sequence Email | Urgency & Call To Action

    The point of any marketing email is to elicit a response from readers or possible clients. That is why it is important to write email content that has urgency and call to action. A strong subject line and a solid offer within the email message are not enough to get more action from your target market. You should learn how to urge them to make a move through a call to action.
  • Content Creation | How to Create Content That Sells

    As an entrepreneur who maintains an online presence through social media, it is important to be innovative and creative at the same time. Content keeps your business up and running. Imagine what would happen if you suddenly run out of ideas and stop posting content on a regular basis. You might lose a fraction of your following, or worse, engagements.