Business Cards Are So Last Decade...

Do you still use a business card?

If so... you may be living in the past.

Fewer & fewer business professionals are carrying them around these days because there's a new way to transmit your personal & business information that is more native to 2020.

My friends, let me introduce to you POPL, the new way to instantly transfer your contact info and literally anything else you'd like to share in just a "Tap!"

Order Here & Use Promo Code: NOMAD

As much as I'm sure you'd love for me to spend the next 5 minutes reading all about the awesome features, I simplified it by giving you their promo video to explain how it works, check in out below: 

Now I know what you're thinking...

I Want One Now!

I get it, I thought the same thing so I picked one up in seconds after watching their promo video on Instagram.

Now the one thing I didn't do was get a Promo Code to save on my order so I went ahead & created a partnership with Popl so you can instantly save 20% on your order today.

All you have to do is click this link here:

And use Promo Code "NOMAD" at checkout. (without the quotations of course)


Or you can select the promo code from our friends at WeTrift by visiting this link Here. Just be sure to use locate promo code "NOMAD" in their list of coupons.


After you order your Popl, please share a photo with it along with your experience with my on Instagram: @SelfmadeDT

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